So you’d like to grow a thick beard. And you’d like to use Beard Czar supplements. You may have thin, patchy, or no facial hair. You’re not happy! Your genetics have dealt you a ‘bum beard’ hand. You are looking for designer stubble- not a ton but merely enough! You’ve beard envy! Many strong men have been there and know what it takes. They used to be a patchy mess. They discuss the best way to obtain the follicle density you desire.

One of the more common options is using several beard supplement products from Beard Czar that include hair growth vitamins, and moisturizing oils. It is not in the directions of beard growth supplements, nevertheless. They will not damage you, but it may hurt your wallet. It is a treatment, so the baby hairs will fall out if you quit.

So many guys have precisely the same desire if you’ve beard envy. You can have patchy regions implanted. Alpha men think it is insane, but it is an option if you are fixated. Hair growth is encouraged by it, but it’s lots of negative results.

Without using the right products, facial hair may never be in your future. Big deal, if you can not grow a beard. Don’t sweat it! Be joyful that you are perfect and happy and healthy the way you are. Or use the facial hair growing products from Beard Czar or any other brand to get that thicker beard you always dreamed of.

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