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Pretty good for someone just starting! I feel there's another light source being used which produced good results.
The colors, white balance, and contrast are good, too much sharpening though.
One thing concerned me are the backgrounds of the first two which pretty harsh and busy despite the limited Depth of field. May not be easy to adjust the model in something like in an open photoshoot, yet another angle would help and produce more interesting photos.
The background of the third image is better, simple and no blown highlights except the cloth beneath her which can be reduced in brightness/highlights without affecting the whole image in pp.

Good luck on your next!

Thanks for the inputs bro. will keep in mind all the things you've said. Though I guess its really hard to adjust in an open photoshoot like this. Will be striving to learn good PP too. The first photo have a silver reflector in the left side of the camera that's why its a bit dark on the camera right side. Will strive to be better bro. Thanks again!