BEIJING Fangchenggang ,abercrombie and fitch polo, April 16 , ( Tang Renyang had Novosti ) brigade incident handling the squadron bureau a driver's credential drunk driving chance Zhou helpless juvenile women aboard the police said . About 9:10 on the evening of April 15 , the woman pedaled a friend 's automobile in the city center Lianzhuang two current automobile a tricycle and caused one person injured apt hospital . 296.87 thousand Zhou instantly 24 -year-old city within a KTV entertainment metropolis staff . At 19:00 aboard the day from Nanning to return to the city of Fangchenggang ,abercrombie tees, a friend cried apt a restaurant for dinner . During the meeting, five men and an woman apt drink the five flasks of one kg package liquor and drink beer The Zhou individuals drink almost seven white wine,1 kg of malt Drink , Zhou ambition be driving a friend 's When a car drove up apt Hengtai Hotel and scampered into a parked amid front of the shop a Toyota van . Subsequently ,cheap abercrombie, the Zhou astute behind the direction of activity to continue pediment instantly beat a moving Panic, the police afterward rushed to the scene apt knob with the vehicle police of the accident said Zhou Road to city center at automobile accident barely fortunately the night deserving apt chilly weather folk cars and dwindle did never outcome among a bigger butt occasioned solemn injuries , causing the death of . Zhou said he took the driver's authorization only has likewise opened several cars . Fortunately,buy cheap abercrombie, this contingency did not occur the accident of death . But knocked three hurt drivers apt car-repair estimates fix costs five apt six million . Zhou deserving to unlicensed driving,abercombie & fitch, driving underneath the affect etc.aboard the 16th shall be subject to administrative detention as 15 days and the associated penalties . As the owner without authorization, the vehicles are handed over apt undocumented persons driving and navigate apt a crash injury accident and accordingly assume the responsibility . EndRelated articles: