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    Trouble shooting with Flash

    Guys, I tried shooting pictures with an external flash. I set it first to the Automatic mode and it turns out fine but when I tried to replicate the same settings under manual mode it turns out underexposed. What is the best settings for this scenario?

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    Re: Trouble shooting with Flash

    YN560 doesn't have TTL... did you mean Automatic/Manual mode on the camera? Since the flash is a manual type, you will need to manually adjust its power to compensate the right exposure.

    The automatic mode on the camera seem to have looked fine because it automatically set the rest of the exposure settings (Aperture, Shutter, and ISO). Your flash may have just contributed because of the current power setting you have set it up with.

    On the other hand, since you went to manual mode, the settings you had on manual (which you have to manually set yourself) was so under that the flash power you have set wasn't enough to help get the right exposure.

    To ellaborate further, here's a sample scenario:

    • Flash power is set to 1/32

    • You set the camera on automatic mode, so all of the exposure settings were automatically set by the camera according to how it metered your existing light condition. flash power "coincidentally" contributed to the correct exposure because the 1/32 power was powerful enough to illuminate the photo.

    • You set the camera on manual mode, i.e. aperture to f/5.6 ISO 200 shutter speed of 1/160 (for example you are shooting on a poorly lit indoor event). flash power of 1/32 wasn't enough to help you with the exposure hence it came out underexposed.

    Bottomline is, since the flash is a manual type, it stays on a particular power not unless you change it yourself.
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    Re: Trouble shooting with Flash

    True. Also, don't try manual mode yet.



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