WASHINGTON October 18 , Yingshang County Bali Town , Fuyang City , Wang Zhuang village Shen Chuan Germany to the newspaper ,Nike talon haut, the villagers of their village Shen family of six eat guaranteeing the village and schools have accounted for his house , village cadres engaged in a disguised form of compensation . Shen Chuan Germany to reflect this , Shen one is not the most difficult to village life , but its husband and wife , son , daughter-in-law and grandchildren eat on the minimal needs . The reason why they whole family to eat subsistence allowances, is because village and school occupied the Shen land , and no compensation , Shen thereon has been reflected to the authorities . Now , the village cadres to let the family eat subsistence allowances as compensation. National subsistence allowances to the lowest standard of living of the villagers to enjoy his home village living standards of the minimum , you should not enjoy . Shen Chuan Germany , also told reporters that his brother is single, and there is disability , live in houses half live , half as a rodeo life is very difficult , but has enjoyed less than subsistence allowances . this issue , the reporter found the king of New Village, a village cadre . His home ground before the building of schools are occupied , and did not lose his money . the minimal needs . Although to Shen office of subsistence allowances to their home was possession of the relationship , however, Shen mentally ill wife is also suffering from the disease , grandchildren, also 10 years old , only son and daughter both work , Shen is also in line eat guaranteeing the conditions of the village to do subsistence allowances were also post the . in newspaper reporter Wang Zhenyu share : Welcome to the comment I want to comment the microblogging Recommended | today 's hot microblogging ( edit : SN026 )