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    Photobook Suppliers

    Hello Mam/Sir

    I've read a lot and learned a lot from DPP when it comes to photos and color management, now i'm trying to materialize my work by prints and safekeeping them by means of putting them in albums/photobooks like storybooks and coffee table books, i've search the forum when it comes to this and found some good sources but still, i haven't been enlightened a lot, maybe because i'm a noob when it comes to this one, so here it goes my questions:

    how do you do phototacs? is there any online tutorial on how to do it and where location could I have my print done in phototac? around region 3 and ncr area.

    affordable yet quality shops that does print, allows custom sizes and binds story books and coffee table books and how much does it cost? roughly an estimate would do , around region 3 and ncr area.

    Thanks Guys.
    Hope you could help me.
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    xx Imajika xx

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    Re: Photobook Suppliers

    check out digiprint
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