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    Digiprint Software

    What file will I bring to Digiprint if I used Digiprint's Software for making the layouts?

    Also, do I have to bring the photos to Digiprint or just a certain file that the Digiprint Software created?

    Thanks in advance.
    Ax Briones
    Canon EOS 1000D
    Canon EOS 7d


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    Re: Digiprint Software

    hi alex,

    after you finish your design, click on the shopping cart icon to process your order. the last part will prompt you to either save or upload your layout. choose "save finished pages". the files generated in this process are the required items by digiprint. the files should have an extension of EOP. no need to send the photos.


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    Re: Digiprint Software

    Hi Sir Ryan,

    I have a question regarding the DIGIPRINT Software. I've been using it a couple of months now and i find my prints a little dark/colors are off. I use digiprints ICC Profile DIGIPRINT MATTE on my jpegs but colors are off/dark unlike before when I manually send the files to DIGIPRINT PASAY (We layout our own PSBs). What should I do? What profile should I assign to my JPEGS?

    A Customer Rep I talked to said the software does not assign profiles so we have to adjust brightness/contrast on the DIGI SOFTWARE, but I think all printers have profiles regardless. I'd like my colors to be exact, so I'm kinda confused as to what to do. Should I assign SRGB? Thanks.



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