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    Re: What Flash to buy?? Nikon SB600 or SB900...

    get the SB900 if you have the funds. if you're on the budget then settle for the SB600. if the budget is in between get a used SB800 or try other 3rd party units, Metz is one of the best 3rd party flash guns out there, almost same price as used SB800 for bnew unit

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    Re: What Flash to buy?? Nikon SB600 or SB900...

    Thank you Sirs for all your advise.... I bought the SB-600 already... It just arrive yesterday.. I will learn and develop skills first before going the next step in flashes.... Hehehe... Btw, I chose this 'coz later i'm planning to buy a second lens for portraits or close-up shots... I' thinking of getting a Nikon 50mm f/1.4D or a 50mm f/1.4G... I still have to research more on those lenses.. hehe.. Thanks guys to all your responses to all my newbie questions... Its fun and helpful to be a part of DPP community...




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