Fuji FinePix F30 Review

by David Tong

If youíre into photography, this little pocket digital camera needs no introduction. The Fuji FinePix F30 was one of the rare digital cameras that resisted the megapixel war and instead, strive to offer a superior sensor that stayed with an ideal 6-megapixel resolution range with a larger-than-normal super CCD sensor that offered excellent high-ISO, low-light performance that puts virtually all other newer point-and-shoot to shame.

Fuji prides itself with sensor development with their unusual hexagonal CCD sensors in some of the FinePix cameras and their DSLRs. It was refreshing to see a manufacturer not playing the ridiculous megapixel war of cramming as much megapixels on as sensor size that canít support more than 5MP efficiently in the first place. The higher the resolution, the more photosites are required in a sensor. Having more small, inefficient photosites will only create more noise in images while creating unnecessarily large image sizes.

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